Mona Cummings

In January of 2015, after learning about the LCHF way of eating from a lecture given by Dr. Austin Jeans, I decided to try out LCHF for myself and join his Weight Lite program. I had become increasingly frustrated with the fact that, in spite of being committed to regular exercise and “well-balanced” eating, I was still fat. My face was pudgy, my waistline was flabby, and my clothes didn’t fit properly. In the back of my mind, I had convinced myself that it was just the curse of getting older which kept me from being as healthy and fit, as I once was. Following the advice to significantly cut carbohydrates from my diet and to “learn to eat fat,” I ended up losing 12 kg in 6 months and dropped several dress sizes. On a side note, my “bad” cholesterol numbers dropped significantly and my “good” cholesterol increased during this same period of time.

Recently, people at the gym – and in my life – have begun asking me how they can do what I have done. What I tell them is that the most significant obstacle to losing weight is your own mindset. My advice is that once you have decided to lose weight, make the shift to LCHF, and then stick to the program (no cheating). The information for eating LCHF is readily available and I can attest that it is quite an easy set of guidelines to follow. You will not feel hungry on LCHF. Dr. Jeans’ lectures are also good to watch (on Youtube), because not only are they motivating, but they allow you to learn about the science of how LCHF affects your body and impacts quality of life. Admittedly, at the beginning, you will likely crave some (previously favored) carbs, but after you become accustomed to “eating around” them and/or substituting them with healthy alternatives, LCHF will become a new healthy way of life for you – and you’ll never have to be fat again.